Building Your Story Brand – How Difficult is That?

Steve Jobs showed the world just how powerful it can be to build a story brand when he launched Apple.  He had a very exciting well-thought-out story to tell.  It is one of the most successful branding stories ever and if you don’t know it – I suggest you check it out .  You will be able to learn many branding lessons from it.

Where Can I Find Ideas for My Personal Brand?

You could start by analysing a few personal branding examples of people who are already successful.  Choose some leaders in your niche and see if any of their personal brand stories resonate with you.

When you find those leaders, check out their blog, watch their videos on YouTube, read their tweets, Google them – whatever it takes!  Check out their optin pages, their sales pages and anything else that you find attractive about them or their content.  Look at their Instagram pages, their ads and all their bios and profiles on the different platforms.  Try to figure out what makes them stand out from the crowd and then model (I didn”t say copy) them.  Look at magazines, watch T.V. commercials, billboards – ideas are all around you. You can weave them into your story.  This will be very worthwhile

How Do I Create My Personal Brand Story?

As well as modelling someone elses’s story, you must find your own unique brand.  Think outside the box.   Ask yourself and your targeted audience some relevant questions.  Time spent on this will also definitely be time well spent.  Once you have figured out why you were attracted to someone else’s story and exactly what sparked your interest in it, analyse it.

You will probably find that it is written strategically including the obstacles they faced on their journey to success and how they overcame them.  There is a formula for this which i will direct you to at the end of this blog post.  If you have not yet achieved success in you business, use someone elses’s story and of course give them credit for it.

Then find something in your story that is similar or complimentary to that person’s story.  No reason why you can’t have your name on the same line as Steve Jobs!!  e.g. sometimes I mention that Steve Jobs and I have something in common.  That can attract curiosity and then I say that we are both adopted.  What do you have in common with your favourite leaders?  Why not mention that in your story.

Remember integrity and authenticity are very important components that you need to build a great personal brand.  Your story can make an enormous impact on your audience if you present it correctly.  Remember your story is evolving as you climb the path to sucess so keep on tweaking it as you go along.

Your personal brand story is not something you can gloss over.  It is at the heart of your personal brand.  It is what causes people to be attracted to you in the first place, to trust you and ultimately to buy from you.  You need to ask yourself some questions.

  • What is going to make you stand out from the crowd?
  • Have you got a special skill or talent and are you using it to your full capacity?
  • Is there something about your style, your appearance, your personality that people find attractive?
  • From time to time ask your audience what they like (and dislike) about  you and your personal brand – this includes your products and your content.
  • Are you an authority on a topic that is congruent with whatever you are promoting.  If not – make it a priority to improve your knowledge about it?

Should My Story Be Short or Long?

You need to have different versions of your personal brand story for different purposes.  First of all you need a very short version usually known as a bio -stately briefly who you are what you do and how you help your target audience.

Then you need an expanded version of this to put on you About Me pages on your websites.  This helps the know, like and trust factor.  You also need to create an even longer version (about 2000 words) summarizing your life from your childhood onwards but it has to be written in such a way that it resonates with your target audience and with whatever product you are promoting.  Try to appeal to your readers’ emotions because people always remember how you  made them FEEL!

You will also need a short  version of your story as an intro to videos and livestreams and a longer one for webinars (you may choose to do that as a part of a powerpoint presentation.

Why Is Your Story So Important?

In real life people are often attracted to like-minded people or those have had similar experiences and challenges in their life.  Off line they can ask you questions and decide whether they would like you as a friend, but online their judgement is based solely on what you are prepared to tell them about yourself.  As in life first impressions matter and so does authenticity.  This is where you can use your personal brand story to good effect.  It is your opportunity to draw in your audience and create curiosity.  If you come across as a dull and boring person – they are likely to keep on skimming through their social media platforms to find someone who is more interesting,

You must stand out, in order to grab their attention and your story is the best tool at your disposal.  It’s doesn’t have to be written in stone!  If you are not getting much engagement change it – tweak it until you find out what resonates with your audience/potential buyers.

Whatever you do – don’t underestimate the power of your story and if you have the courage to share it with the world it will undoubtably bring you much greater rewards than you expect!

P.S. – This is the free resource below I mentioned at the beginning of this blog which will help you to write your personal brand story and build your  personal brand in other ways too

Personal Brand Info

32 thoughts on “Building Your Story Brand – How Difficult is That?”

  1. Thanks for talking your time to write about ‘Building Your Story Brand’. It has actually been kind of difficult for me as I’m always confused on how wordy it should be, but you’ve made it very easy in your article and it isn’t actually as hard as I have always thought it was. Thanks once again for this fabulous article. 

  2. If you want to do something great, you will need to be unique, that is for sure. You can ‘t just rehash what other do, or your brand will never take off. 

    It is good to read about successful people, which I have done, and the one thing that always remains is that they are not afraid to fail, and never give up. You have to be able to pick yourself off and learn from your mistakes.

  3. Awesome. 

    What I really enjoyed about your article is that how wonderfully you have addressed the story. Also I loved it when you explained about raising the curiosity levels of the audiences by mentioning that you have something common with you favorite leaders.You have provided a great insight on creating a successful brand story and how it can positively effect the target audiences. Kudos to you.

  4. Hilary, thank you for your post about building a story brand.  I think you are right when you tell people that being courageous enough to show more of your own personal story leads to “much greater rewards” than one would expect. 

    People remember stories.  The stories help them understand where you are standing and why you are saying what you say.  

    Generic is boring, I say.

  5. thank you for sharingthis post liked me from the beginning to the end until I read with the likes of even mentioning something for steve jobs and I am motivated by this man until I read about it and even made me to create a blog thank you for posting I liked you a lot and again I will go back to your blog to read your new posts

  6. Hello Hilary

    I like your intro to Branding Youniversity. I think it will be a great training tool to help me with my brand. And who doesn’t like free. lol You have made it seem easy to build my own brand. It does get overwhelming at times. Thank you for helping me out with this, I really do appreciate it. Kari

    • You are very welcome Kari.  There is a free mini course about using your story to build your brand.  I am sure you will find it helpful and there is a ton of other info on that site. 

  7. WOW. This was so informative for me. I am in the process of trying to build a online business but it can be very frustrating at times, and sometimes I really don’t kow what to write about. The tips and information on your site will help me along the way. I do involve my self with social media and post things within my niche, but after reading your articles theres more to building a brand and business than I thought. Thank You for all the information and will continue to read more on your site. Well done Hilary!


    • Thank you so much for the encouragement Dorothy.  If you get frustrated about finding things to write about I have a little tip that I use for blogs and videos.  If you make a list of 10 topics that interest you and then  break that down into a series of 10 blogs, social media posts or videos or even live streams you will have 100 pieces of content to keep you busy for a while!  Best of success to you in your business  Hilary

  8. Very goo post! This has inspired me to look at my About Me page and actually write my story! I agree that people that can identify with me and the reasons I do what I do will be much more likely to read my articles and take my recommendations.

    This is truly valuable information for anyone looking to establish a brand.

  9. Hello Admin,

    Thanks for this article, I personally think Its amazing for anyone who want to have a unique brand with a motivating story. I am a pencil artist and I got inspired to create my own brand by looking at other brands from other artists. I created my own brand with pieces of other brands weaved uniquely into mine to form a giant brand new art. This article really got my interest, you are doing a great job. 

  10. Thank you for pointing that out the power of my story. This is my 6th month in as an affiliate marketer and I have been focusing on my niche and writing good content. I will work hard on my story and will utilize youtube as well so my audience will get to know my personality better. 🙂

    • Thank you for your comment Nuttanee  I am sure you will stand out from the crowd when you tell your story in words and video  Best wishes Hilary

  11. Hi there, thanks for sharing this article, I must say I have learn few things from the little y have said, personally am always motivated Barack Obama stories as am always wanna be leader when it’s come to politics. He’s live story has always been a source of encouragement and motivation for me. He’s one of the leader in USA politics today that I love and will like to emulate to develop my personal story

  12. Hi there,

    Thank you for pointing that out the power of my story. This is my 6th month in as an affiliate marketer and I have been focusing on my niche and writing good content. I totally agree that people will buy from you more when they get to know you, it’s more personable in a sense. I will work hard on my story and will utilize youtube as well so my audience will get to know my personality better. Hopefully I stand out from the crowd.

    • Yes Nutanee  You can use all your social media sites including YouTube to tell your story in words or video.  I am sure you will stand out from the crowd.  Thank you for your comment

  13. Loved reading your post. I totally agree that its about your story, about why you do what you do and how you came to do it. It’s not just about choosing a logo and colors which is often what newbies do. I speak from experience. 😉

    The one line that stands out for me is, “It doesn’t have to be written in stone!” If there’s one thing I’ve learned about branding, is that it is constantly developing, changing and growing. At first I wanted to be sure that I was going to get my branding perfect ASAP so I could tick it off my list. So wrong! It’s something that unfolds and gets stronger the more you align with it. You have to live and create the story where you are right now.


    • Yes Mark I agree with you totally.  I think we all believe in the beginning that we have only one story and don’t realise that it can be adapted to resonate with different audiences.  Thank you for your comment  Best wishes Hilary

    • Thanks for speaking from the heart and from your personal experience. I have been on and offline for the last 9 years.

      I had some successes early on in my online journey but I was just trying to make money, period!

      It lasted about two years, and then Google’s algorithm changes i.e. Hummingbird got me a written Google Penalty for over-optimization? I was just trying to build a good site the way I read it should be done?

      I taught myself, and I was 55 when I started and I had literally never touched a computer. It was an adventure for sure 🙂

      Thanks again, Mark. Somethings make sense now and I really wasn’t looking at the branding aspect properly at all.

      Thank you too Hilary! I just followed you here from WA!

      Have an awesome day everyone.

  14. Hello Hillary,

    I did not have any knowledge on how to brand a story before reading your article. I really had a confusion in my mind that how can I make my own unique and effective brand. After reading  your blog, I found the problem so easy for me. Now, I think it is the best way of branding to base on my personal life story. I could not even think that we can name our brand by being inspired from stories.

    Your post was really helpful for me. I believe, this is a very effective way. Thank you so much for such a nice post. 🙂


  15. Hello Hilary!Your website is very good.I like it because you explain very well how writing history can be written for brand recognition. I agree with you that the story should start from the history of childhood and be beautifully written to attract the reader.My problem is the brand link to my life story, because I’m 58 and my passion for computers and phones has been the last 15 years.I tried to get closer to my real history but I did not have a catch of audiences  Anyway, I wish you all the best!With respect ArtianB

    • Hello Artian – You can tailor your brand to suit whatever you are promoting.  If you just keep testing to find out which part of your story appeals to your audience.  It’s not always what you might think they would like!  Best of success to you  Hilary


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