Building Your Story Brand – How Difficult is That?

Personal Brand Story

Steve Jobs showed the world just how powerful it can be to build a story brand when he launched Apple.  He had a very exciting well-thought-out story to tell.  It is one of the most successful branding stories ever and if you don’t know it – I suggest you check it out .  You will … Read more

7 Tips to improve Your Personal Brand in 2019

You are going to be hearing more and more about Personal Branding.  The major platforms are making changes to their algorithms (if you don’t know what an algorithm is just Google it).  They are trying to stop people advertising for free and after all can you blame them?  You wouldn’t let people come along and … Read more

Create a Personal Brand with LinkedIn

What You Need to Know about LinkedIn LinkedIn is the largest professional community in the world with 500 million members and it might interest you to know that 44% of Linked users earn more than $75,000 in a year.  Maybe it’s worth your while to take it more seriously. LinkedIn is mostly a search engine … Read more

How To Build a Better Brand

First Impressions Your Smile Your Appearance Your Energy Your Personality Your Bio Your Website How Do You Build a Personal Brand? Research Your Target Audience Where can you find them What is their pain Look for personal branding examples, personal branding books Pay attention to your personal brand because it can have a massive impact on … Read more