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There’s More to Personal Branding…

Yes – There certinly is more to personal branding than meets the eye!

Have You Created a Personal Brand Plan Yet?

Here are a few tips to make building your personal brand easier and faster take the time to make a personal branding plan decide who your audience are and where they hang out on on the internet. If they are work at home moms you can have a more casual approach and wear less formal clothes than if your audience are for example people in the financial services industry. Search the internet and the social media platforms to find out what the most successful people in your niche are doing saying and posting. Are they making videos blogging or focusing on social media? All these actions play a part in building their personal brand. You can learn a lot by just watching and listening to them. You don’t need to copy them but you can pick up a lot of tips and insights about how they present themselves and nurture their followers. Pay particular attention to how they convert their leads into sales because at the end of the day this is probably the ultimate purpose of improving your personal brands. How are they building and promoting their personal brand? Are they doing some things that you could incorporate into your online business?

You can find lots of personal branding videos on this website so why not bookmark it so that you can watch them at your leisure. Thanks for reading this blog and watching the video – hope it helps you improve YOUR personal brand and leads to more success in your business.

How to Re-Invent Yourself at Any Age


It’s Never Too Late To Build Your Dreams

We tell ourselves that we’ve left it too late and hide behind the excuse of age. We can find plenty of friends/advisers to convince us that this is so.

Don’t listen to them because it couldn’t be further from the truth. The reason why a lot of folks don’t take the plunge and reach for the stars because they are afraid.

Afraid they will fail, afraid about what their friends and family may think, but mostly it’s because they haven’t got the courage to take that first step (which is always the hardest BTW).

Once you take some action and set your plan in motion it takes on a life of it’s own and you will be amazed when you find out what you are actually capable of creating. A new business, a presence online, a new lifestyle.

The world is still your oyster, but it’s waiting for you to come out of your shell. “Get Over Yourself ” is the best piece of advice that I have ever been given by a top marketer.  It’s not an easy thing to do but if you can manage to do it your path to success will become a lot smoother.

There has never been a better time to build your brand online. There are so many resources at our disposal now. Be willing to find them and use them.

It’s Never Too Late To Build Your Personal Brand

Building your brand as a person who provides value for people in your niche or those who share your passion or hobby.  Don’t expect everyone to like you or your brand because the only ones who matter are those who resonate with you.

Many people hesitate to get started in their online business because they worry far too much about what others think about them.  Telling you to get over yourself may not be enough.  There are some things you can do to make it easier to build your brand in spite of this fear.

Although I was comfortable about making videos and live streaming on Periscope. I kept hesitating to do FaceBook Lives.  Eventually  I realised that this was mainly because I know that some of my friends and family might see them and I found this embarrassing.  I was allowing my perception of what they might think to become more important than sharing my knowledge.

As well as that I was actually imposing age discrimination on myself.  So if you find yourself doing either or both of these things, don’t let that stop you.  Make videos and live streams on platforms where you are not so likely to be seen by your offline friends and family.  Try Periscope – I think that the people on Periscope are more laid back and less judgemental.  Do this consistently and before long your confidence will increase and you will be comfortable on all platforms.

If you actually build a strong brand, you outsell any salesman any day of the week – Gary Vee

If these top marketers have been building their brands for ages – so isn’t it time that you were building yours.  You are welcome to join my private FB Group _ Personal Branding For Profit……



Personal Brand Story

Building Your Story Brand – How Difficult is That?

Steve Jobs showed the world just how powerful it can be to build a story brand when he launched Apple.  He had a very exciting well-thought-out story to tell.  It is one of the most successful branding stories ever and if you don’t know it – I suggest you check it out .  You will be able to learn many branding lessons from it.

Where Can I Find Ideas for My Personal Brand?

You could start by analysing a few personal branding examples of people who are already successful.  Choose some leaders in your niche and see if any of their personal brand stories resonate with you.

When you find those leaders, check out their blog, watch their videos on YouTube, read their tweets, Google them – whatever it takes!  Check out their optin pages, their sales pages and anything else that you find attractive about them or their content.  Look at their Instagram pages, their ads and all their bios and profiles on the different platforms.  Try to figure out what makes them stand out from the crowd and then model (I didn”t say copy) them.  Look at magazines, watch T.V. commercials, billboards – ideas are all around you. You can weave them into your story.  This will be very worthwhile

How Do I Create My Personal Brand Story?

As well as modelling someone elses’s story, you must find your own unique brand.  Think outside the box.   Ask yourself and your targeted audience some relevant questions.  Time spent on this will also definitely be time well spent.  Once you have figured out why you were attracted to someone else’s story and exactly what sparked your interest in it, analyse it.

You will probably find that it is written strategically including the obstacles they faced on their journey to success and how they overcame them.  There is a formula for this which i will direct you to at the end of this blog post.  If you have not yet achieved success in you business, use someone elses’s story and of course give them credit for it.

Then find something in your story that is similar or complimentary to that person’s story.  No reason why you can’t have your name on the same line as Steve Jobs!!  e.g. sometimes I mention that Steve Jobs and I have something in common.  That can attract curiosity and then I say that we are both adopted.  What do you have in common with your favourite leaders?  Why not mention that in your story.

Remember integrity and authenticity are very important components that you need to build a great personal brand.  Your story can make an enormous impact on your audience if you present it correctly.  Remember your story is evolving as you climb the path to sucess so keep on tweaking it as you go along.

Your personal brand story is not something you can gloss over.  It is at the heart of your personal brand.  It is what causes people to be attracted to you in the first place, to trust you and ultimately to buy from you.  You need to ask yourself some questions.

  • What is going to make you stand out from the crowd?
  • Have you got a special skill or talent and are you using it to your full capacity?
  • Is there something about your style, your appearance, your personality that people find attractive?
  • From time to time ask your audience what they like (and dislike) about  you and your personal brand – this includes your products and your content.
  • Are you an authority on a topic that is congruent with whatever you are promoting.  If not – make it a priority to improve your knowledge about it?

Should My Story Be Short or Long?

You need to have different versions of your personal brand story for different purposes.  First of all you need a very short version usually known as a bio -stately briefly who you are what you do and how you help your target audience.

Then you need an expanded version of this to put on you About Me pages on your websites.  This helps the know, like and trust factor.  You also need to create an even longer version (about 2000 words) summarizing your life from your childhood onwards but it has to be written in such a way that it resonates with your target audience and with whatever product you are promoting.  Try to appeal to your readers’ emotions because people always remember how you  made them FEEL!

You will also need a short  version of your story as an intro to videos and livestreams and a longer one for webinars (you may choose to do that as a part of a powerpoint presentation.

Why Is Your Story So Important?

In real life people are often attracted to like-minded people or those have had similar experiences and challenges in their life.  Off line they can ask you questions and decide whether they would like you as a friend, but online their judgement is based solely on what you are prepared to tell them about yourself.  As in life first impressions matter and so does authenticity.  This is where you can use your personal brand story to good effect.  It is your opportunity to draw in your audience and create curiosity.  If you come across as a dull and boring person – they are likely to keep on skimming through their social media platforms to find someone who is more interesting,

You must stand out, in order to grab their attention and your story is the best tool at your disposal.  It’s doesn’t have to be written in stone!  If you are not getting much engagement change it – tweak it until you find out what resonates with your audience/potential buyers.

Whatever you do – don’t underestimate the power of your story and if you have the courage to share it with the world it will undoubtably bring you much greater rewards than you expect!

P.S. – This is the free resource below I mentioned at the beginning of this blog which will help you to write your personal brand story and build your  personal brand in other ways too

Personal Brand Info

Personal Branding for Grannies

Do Grannies Need To Improve Their Personal Brands?

I remember a friend of mine who had grey hair telling me that people don’t pay any attention to your opinions when you have grey hair.  In fact you are often ignored.

At the time my hair was dark brown and I was quite surprised by this statement.  I had always valued the opinions of senior citizens and the idea that the younger generation may not share this view was rather sad to me.

Now that I have grey hair myself I am beginning to see some truth in her statement.  Finding myself being referred to as Granny by my son on occasions makes me want to protest – I am not your granny!!

Grannies are not expected to know about internet marketing or social media.  Grannies are not expected to be good drivers (unfortunately I fell into that category of drivers a long long time ago).  The only thing that they are expected to remember is the good old days and birthdays.  They are not supposed to know some hacks for IGTV – nor even what an app is or how to use one.

Even Your Granny Could Do That!

Umpteen times I have seen and heard the statement – “Even your granny could do that”- It’s often used when online marketers are trying to convince someone to buy their stuff.  Imagine what would happen if they replaced that statement with “even a woman could do that”.  There would be an uproar – women’s libbers would be up in arms and so would the rest of us.  So why then is it OK to assume that it just doesn’t matter when grannies are being maligned?!!

Has Granny Got a Bee in Her Bonnet?

Maybe so, but perhaps it’s time that online grannies reminded everyone that they are the ones who really have the money to spend.

Marketers all seem so preoccupied with appealing to Millennials

This generation is becoming increasingly social media competent and has disposable income to spend. So how do you appeal to this group?

Don’t assume they don’t use social media. As time goes by, more and more of this group are setting up social media accounts, embracing new platforms and downloading new apps, ssuming that the whole of your Twitter following are sub-25 is a huge mistake to make.

Personal Brand Videos

 This video makes it very clear that Jenni Flinders, the presenter definitely *looks the part” and creates a great first impression. It’s also obvious from the content of her TED talk that she has got Personal Branding sussed out.

The advice she shares in this video is top notch, so I would recommend that you re-watch it at least once and grab the nuggets she has so generously shared.

Personal Branding Videos

If you want to be treated like an authority or a leader or just to be taken seriously you really must put a lot of effort into your personal brand videos

Do you want to come across as a person who actually cares about your personal brand?  Ordinary people can now compete with the top brands in the market because the technology needed has become very affordable and a lot less of it is required.  More importantly you need to be prepared put some time and effort into  creating your videos and live-streams.  A lot of research, testing and tweaking is involved. 

How To Get Started

You don’t need expensive equipment to get started, but you do need to make quality videos with good audio.  Audio is the most important part of your videos.  

Although you want your content to be on trend, in some respects it needs to be as neutral as possible.  The appearance and background in all the videos should be consistent and relevant to the brand.  Make sure that most of your videos are evergreen.  Some things may seem quite obvious such as wearing classic clothes rather than the latest trendy fashion and not mentioning dates.

Consider the background too – if your video has snow in the background and it’s mid summer in Australia, it is not going to create a great impression.   You must always bear in mind that in the global market some people are enjoying picnics and fun on the beach, while others may be trudging through snow. Always keep your audience at the forefront of your mind.  Your target audience probably  like to envision themselves living the laptop lifestyle – on the beach -having fun -owning luxury houses and cars and wearing expensive jewellery.

How Can I Improve The Sound?

Using  headphones  will improve the sound on your videos.  Sound is much more important than some people realise.  A Lavalier lapel microphone can be used with your smartphone   You can find them on Amazon – they are very inexpensive.  

You should be prepared to invest some money in your online business  –a “Diva Light  will make a tremendous difference to the quality of your videos.   If you that you can’t afford that at the moment, then try to make as many videos of possible in daylight, because that is actually the best  possible light for photography and video

Here are some tips on how you can create your own brand videos:

Post Your videos with Intent  – Know the purpose of the video before you get started and make it with that in mind.  Are you  trying to build your list, get leads or make sales?  Perhaps you just want to educate or entertain your audience and get lots of views.  A clear message and CTA (call to action) combined with the solution to a problem are the ideal combination.


  • Analyse and adjust the data for your videos
  • Analyse the data for your industry
  • Ask your customers what they want
  • Check platforms that your audience are using to find out what they actually want and then give them the solutions  in your videos
  • Great brands always listen to their customers and their target audience
  • Don’t forget to study the competition in detail e.g. when and where are they posting their videos?  How often?  Which ones are getting the most engagement ? – try to figure out why and model them.


  • Make a List of Topics – It’s so much easier to get started when you have a plan and a checklist
  • Create Branded Intros and Outros with CTAs – You can get apps that will help you with that.
  • Create scripts for  your videos where relevant and use a teleprompter (I use Parrot free app for my smartphone)
  • Plan out a series of videos  (batching) – This will save a lot of time
  • You may find that live-streaming is easier than following a script on a video – I know that I do.

Attention to Detail

  • Change your outfit – you may prefer to wear a branded tee-shirt that promotes your company, otherwise don’t keep on wearing the same clothes
  • Change the background from time to time
  • If you are using a home office check that there is nothing lying around in the background
  • Have an editing process in place
  • Produce different styles of videos for different platforms
  • Share the full version on FaceBook and 60 second teasers to drive people to your YouTube Channel
  • Have a structure in your videos

The Purpose of a Personal Brand Video

Here is an example of a structured video with 6 components to promote your brand:  This is a proven formula to generate leads, but you can change or refine it to suit your purposes.

1 Intro

2 Question

3  Proof of Results

4  Content

5 Edification

6  CTA (call to action)

Once you have created your videos, don’t forget that they will be useless unless you are curating them.

You need to embed your video posts on your blog turning them into vlogs – you also need to ask spread add them to all your social media sites.   You can add them to other video platforms.  IBOToolbox has 250,00 visitors daily and it is very easy to upload them there.

How does a Branding Video Differ From Other Videos?

The short answer is that it doesn’t.  Every piece of content that you publish is part  of your brand whether you mean it to be or not.  Every word you utter, every smile, every frown they are all part of the jigsaw puzzle that your viewers are trying to put together so they can decide whether or not they want to do business with you.

Overcome The Fear of Making Videos

It used to be that the fear of public speaking was the biggest fear for entrepreneurs, but that has been overtaken by the fear of making videos or going live.  This is really the same fear – the fear of being judged, the fear of making a fool or ourselves or that our flaws may been seen by an audience.

I remember many years ago going to an internet marketing event in London.  Armand Morin was one of the speakers (if you don’t know who Armand Morin is then just Google him) and something he said has always stuck in my mind.  He said You have to get over yourself“. 

It’s not an easy thing to do but the more you put yourself out there the easier it becomes.

Basically you need to have a process, a system or checklist and do these things consistently to give yourself the best possible chance to make an impact your with your videos.

The good news is that the more videos you make the easier it becomes.

If you would like to find out more about these components as well as  getting a free module on how to produce such a video you can find it along with a lot more value on this vlog

Ninja Tips:  The 80 % Video

Create a video which answers all the objections to the questions that your target audience are likely to ask.  This can be quite a long video. Make sure that it is the first thing that they see before you mention your product.  Videos allow your viewers to get to know you before you meet and before you start persuading them that your brand is the one they need.

Another Branding Video Tip is to create a short video introducing your brand and what you have that is a solution to their most pressing problem and add it to your email signature.  You will be amazed at how many people watch your video.

Why We Are Not a Good Fit For Video

Create a video that tells them that we may not be a good fit for you because……..  Put this on your about page.  Also position it wherever they can see it before you contact them.

BTW You are invited to become one of the founder members of my Personal Branding for Profits Group.  Get more details here…… Personal Brand Info

Improve Your Personal Brand

Personal Branding

Yes – strange though it may seem personal branding is all about them and not about you

How Do You Build a Personal Brand?

Let’s face it, whether you have a business or not, you still need a personal brand that really makes an impact if you want to stand out from the competition online and offline.

That brand may have been created by you unconsciously. You may not have given it a lot of thought, but it’s there already waiting to bite you on the butt or make you shine forever!

Whether your brand helps you, hinders you or haunts you is and always will be in your hands.

Like most things in life there is a sequence of events that need to happen in order to build a personal brand online or anywhere else.

  • Firstly it’s a matter of observing yourself, both as you see you and as you are seen by your target audience.
  • Always put yourself in their shoes
  • Would you buy from you?
  • Would you trust you?
  • Would you even like you?

Hard questions, but they need to be answered before you get to work on your personal brand

Build a Better Brand

Whether to spread your content and personal branding stories around the marketplace or focus on one or two platforms is a decision that you need to make at the outset.

Both of these strategies work.  If you have a special skill or talent or you just enjoy making videos, then you could focus on YouTube and build your brand there.

If you enjoy live-streaming, Facebook, Periscope and Instagram might be your best bet. At the end of the day it is all about testing and tweaking until you find the platform/s where you feel comfortable and where you are getting the most engagement.

It also depends to a very great extent on where your target audience is hanging out. If they are on SnapChat or Instagram, then being a hit on FaceBook might not be such a big deal.

If you want to have a really successful personal brand you need to know your targeted audience inside out. Most of you content will be consumed via mobile phone so you need to check out your blogs and images to make sure that they are mobile friendly.

You need to become more courageous about “getting over yourself ” so that you can reach out and engage with your audience across as many devices and use live-streaming and videos to scale your brand and business much faster.

Building your skills and being knowledgeable about all aspects of your business will give you the confidence to let go of your ego and build a brand to be proud of sharing.

By understanding in depth the behaviour of your audience and viewers you will be well ahead of the pack. The technology is available to segment your audience and keep track of them throughout their buying journey.  This makes it even easier to find your targeted audience and offer them what they actually want as opposed to what you think they should want.  Make it your business to find out how to do this.

At the same time you can be encouraging them to take action with stories that will resonate with them. My aunt used to say “Make Every Penny a Prisoner”   Nowadays we need to make every follower a prisoner in  our email box.  There, we can find out what they want and give it (or preferably sell it) to them.  You have the opportunity to put your targeted audience under the spell of your amazing personal brand. Engaging and following up with them is super important.

Having an impactful brand is worth a fortune, so don’t go leaving money on the table through lack of thought or lack of knowledge.

  • You have to work on your brand on a daily basis. It needs to be given top priority – It’ as simple as that!
  • If they don’t like your brand, they won’t pay attention to your business or buy from you.
  •  So make sure you are spreading a message that they want to hear and ..
  • put it in front of them on multiple occasions.
  •  Usually the more you see someone the more you come to like them and so it is with your personal brand.

Don’t under- estimate the power of a personal brand and that power is in your hands. Make the most of it!

Creating Brand You

Creating Brand You When You Are Broke

If you are just getting started or haven’t reached the stage where your business is in profit yet, don’t think that you have to wait until you can afford it before you begin creating brand you.  There are a lot of things that you can do that are absolutely 100% free.  If you truly believe in your business, you may well be the best person to do most of your branding and brand you marketing.

I am a great believer in the idea that everyone knows their own business best.  Although it is always useful to get advice and tips from experts, you can actually find most of what you need to build a great brand inside your head and  on Google. 

There are also a lot of powerful branding videos and Ted Talks on YouTube. 

Don’t expect to create the perfect brand – just give it your best shot and you won’t go far wrong if you have done your research and made a plan.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is the purpose of your personal brand ?
  • Who is your target audience and how will your brand help them, interest them  or appeal to them?

Are you trying to

  • (a) build an audience around your brand or
  • (b)create a personal brand that will resonate with your target audience
  • Your brand will evolve over time and you will become more aware of the needs and wants of your marketplace as long as you keep asking yourself these types of questions.  Keep testing and tweaking your brand and you may surprise yourself at the results you will achieve.

Always be on the look out – observe the successful brands – how are they presenting and how are they standing out from the other?  What makes them memorable or impactful?  What can you learn from them or even how can you improve on their ideas?

There are lots of free tools and smartphone apps to create and edit images,  I have lots of them so if you have any specific questions about that don’t hesitate to contact me.  You can use Canva.com  to create most of the headers, banners, letterheads social media templates etc that you will need.  The free version is perfectly adequate.

Your Personal Brand
We have all got a personal brand even if we are not aware of it!

Some thought and a little bit of imagination can go a long way in branding you. The bottom line is that you need to not only look carefully at what you are posting and displaying online, but also always try to observe it all from the eyes of your target audience.  Although you are branding You – the crazy thing is that it’s all about them!

One of my favourite mentors keeps drumming this message into her students – “You sell by listening, you sell by listening” but you must also brand by listening.  Unless your brand is appealing to your target audience, it doesn’t matter how professional it looks, it will not produce the results that you need to create a viable business.

The basic tasks that you need to spend the most time and thought on are:

      •  choose a good brand name – preferably with a keyword or keywords that your target audience are searching for.  Although it’s fun to be on trend with your posts,
      • make sure that most of your content is evergreen so that you will be branding yourself on an ongoing basis
      • a short tagline that instantly makes it clear how you are going to help your audience
      • .a website which includes an about me page with a summary of your story and your contact details
      • an effective bio that you can use for most social media platforms (you may need a few tweaks here and there)
      • lead magnets with freebies/giveaways such as cheat sheets, worksheets, short training videos that act as a hook to get people to opt in and join your email list
      • landing pages where you can promote and up sell your videos
      • photos, images ,infographics for your posts
      • live broadcasts and videos
      • podcasts
      • webinars

Once you have got all these things created. you will be well on your way to growing your brand and getting ready for the next stage of branding which is monetising it and here is an excellent tool to help you do that!.