When to Start Building a Personal Brand

To Brand or Not to Brand? – That May Well Be the Question

I received an email today from a top marketer suggesting that it is a bad idea to start creating a personal brand at the outset of your business, while you may still be on the Struggle Bus. That kind of stopped me in my tracks, as almost all the other top marketers recommend that you should start building your personal brand from day one. So I decided to give it some thought, before continuing to encourage y’all to spread your no results or low results brands

Whenever you are telling your story, it’s not a good idea to share your struggles while they are happening. It’s fine to share them when you have overcome the obstacles and gained wisdom from the failures. Then you will be able to provide the solutions that they can use in their lives or in their businesses.

Unfortunately people don’t want to know about your product or your struggles – they just want to know how you can help them to solve their problems. So, it follows that they may not really want to know, like and trust you if you haven’t already reached your goals. Nobody wants to follow a no results or low results brand. Perhaps a low profile during that period might be a good idea – don’t you think?

Two of the components of a good brand are:

  • social proof (e.g. testimonials) and
  • edification (but you can’t have either at the start of your business. You could get someone to edify you regarding your character but not in respect to your business.)

What’s The Answer? _ Do You Create a Personal Brand or Not?

So, what are the choices?

  • Do you fake it until you make it? ……………………………………….Definitely not!!
  • Do you procrastinate in building your brand? ……………………..Another No No!!
  • Do You give up on Personal Branding?………………………………Certainly Not!!

When Should You Start?​​

Think of your brand as a Brand Building – you have to start with the foundations i.e :

  • Your core values
  • Your mission
  • Your Vision
  • Your Bio

Building Your Brand Brick by Brick

It will be hard work and you will need to be committed to spending the time and the energy to build it. It will be worth it because a great brand can be more valuable than anything else you will ever build in your life. Whatever else you are doing in your business – ALWAYS BE BRANDING.

Every post that you make, every image that you share on social media, every worksheet, landing page, website must be created with your brand in mind. The colors and fonts must be congruent with your personal brand. Your livestreams, your videos and your webinars are all a part of the overall picture. Your appearance, even your voice must all blend in and yet stand out at the same time.

You have to find a way to stand out from the crowd.

Always dress better than the people you are trying to impress. I have seen this work over and over again. You can test this out for yourself. Observe the difference in the way you are treated when you have dressed to impress. You don’t have to be formal conventional in your appearance or behaviour, you can be quirky.

The best part of a personal brand is that you can be YOU, the authentic YOU. It’s all about branding YOU and even if you are building this all in the background, when you are ready you can share your brand and your story with the world.

How Can I Create an Effective Brand?

Some people have a certain look, a certain style, a certain voice or personality that makes them stand out at one glance.  Will I Am, Tom Jones, The Kardashians are just a few who come to mind (probably because I was watching TV last night).  Success seems to come to them effortlessly, but usually that is not the case . In the background there are branding specialists, stylists, make-up artists combined with a lot of hard work and commitment from them. So it will be with your personal brand.

You will probably have to learn some new skills such as copywriting or even photography to improve your content creation.

Can I Monetise My Brand?

The good news is that you can use your brand to attract targeted followers – some of whom will become fans and these are the people who will buy from you. The brand will become more important than the product and the brand is what will build your long term lucrative business.

The bad news is that the money often comes near the end of the brand building process. So it’s best to hang on to your job or offline business until your brand is well under way and working it’s magic to bring you enough income to become a member of the laptop lifestyle.

What Else Do I Need To Know About Personal Branding?

Perhaps you have decided that you just don’t care anymore about what people think of you. This is how you are escaping from the naysayers and the negative people in your life. This can be a great strategy for dealing with those people, but you need to have a different system for interacting with your targeted followers.

If you have targeted followers, these are like – minded people who are the most likely to buy your products. You need to care about what they think and how they perceive you. They will judge you whether you like it or not, but they also present you with a great opportunity. The opportunity to create a great first impression – with your appearance, your content, your products and whatever else you wish so share.

All you need to do is be the person you would like to follow or as they say on social media -Be the person your dog thinks you are!  So I’m asking you now and you need to ask yourself the same question – Can you do that?

Both of us know the answer to that one –  Of course You Can!


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  1. Hello Hilary, I just finished reading your post on When to Start Building a Personal Brand. I am relatively new to the affiliate marketing business and this really hits home. I not only found this post full of great information but it is also inspirational. Thanks very much and I have bookmarked your website for future visits.



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