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Being Irish, I was delighted to discover just how important a brand story is in creating a personal brand strategy.  Storytelling is a skill that comes easily to some people even if they haven’t kissed the Blarney Stone.   The good news is that even if this is not one of your natural gifts, there are special formulas  to build great brand stories that will bring your brand to life.

Promoting Your Business

One of the most intriguing stories that I read recently is the Wolf of Wall Street.  It’s a story that many might find shocking in parts and far removed from most people’s experience.  Maybe it appeals to our sense of adventure.   AlthoughJordan Belfort found himself in prison at one point in the story, like all good stories it has the happy ending where he gets married and lives happily ever after (up until now anyway).  This story is earning a second fortune for Jordan Belfort.  Not only from the book and the movie, but he has been able to build a consulting and public speaking business on the back of it and is living a life of luxury once again.

Great Brand Stories

Stories can be used to build a brand and there are many examples of brand stories that are know far and wide.  Often it’s the CEO of a company who has a great story that many people  can resonate with.  We have all been through struggles and frustrations in our lives and it somehow feels reassuring to know that these successful people have had similar things happen.  We all love to hear the happy ending.

Best Brand Stories

The best brand stories are the ones that inspire and motivate people not to give up on their businesses.  The hero’s journey is just as likely to be effective in a brand story as it is in a movie.  Stories bring a brand to life and reach people through their emotions.

Describing the laptop lifestyle and sharing the vision and the outcomes of a successful brand spurs the budding entrepreneurs on.  A story can build the know like and trust factor much more than a Facebook Ad or a TV Commercial ever could.  People can forget tag lines and even testimonials but they will remember your story.

Whether you are trying to get a loan for your business or hoping to make a sale the chances are that  you can make these thing happen with  a really good story.

Never underestimate the power of stories when you are building your brand.  You can have different brand stories for different audiences  Long stories or short stories whether spoken or written can work miracles and they do.

    A Truly Astonishing Story


I have a very special story, maybe the greatest story to come out of Ireland since the Titanic.  It still has not reached it’s conclusion.  It is part of my brand.  It is a story that no-one could ever have dreamed up in their wildest imagination.   

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  1. Great video. I always knew Branding was important but I never considered it as telling a story. And it has such a simple concept – Core Beliefs and Happily Ever After. So true and makes a lot of sense. Thank you for sharing. I did try to go to your story at the bottom of the page but the link didn’t work :).


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